For impartial and accurate professional diagnosis of alleged dampness



DAVID HEWETT MRICS is a founder member of DAMPNESS DIAGNOSIS CONSULTANCY a group of like minded property professionals intent on highlighting mis-diagnosis of "dampness "and its financial and human costs.

He previously worked maintaining and improving a portfolio of the London Borough of Lewisham's Housing stock comprising of approx 10,000 assorted housing units. The majority of the properties were part-modernised cottage style houses and flats constructed between 1919 and 1939.

Established dampness diagnostic practices were challenged and the benefits of Calcium Carbide testing, which had fallen from general use, were highlighted. The greater diagnostic accuracy this test equipment provided, together with in-depth research completely eliminated the previously perceived need for injected replacement damp proof courses in the Council's properties!

Monies saved were diverted into appropriate remedial measures that truly benefited both buildings and their occupants thereby creating a high level of user satisfaction.

David Hewett - since leaving Lewisham Council - has appeared as their expert witness in a number of legal cases where the tenant's expert witnesses were attempting to prove the occurrence of "rising damp". In all these cases the Council successfully defended the actions and defeated the substantial financial claims. He currently practices independently and his clients include a number of major property insurers, management companies, ecclesiastical advisors, housing associations and very many owner-occupiers.

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